Penn State Solar Decathlon 2009

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Natural Fusion

Yet, other elements are needed within a house to provide functionality. Our Nexus will act as the center of sustenance for our home, providing Clean Air, Water, Food, and Power solely through solar energy. Within these components, green materials and technologies should be utilized to help sustain the balance between the environment and human interaction.

So what residential housing concept can combine all elements of architecture, systems, and nature?

We present:

Natural Fusion...

is the holistic integration of elements.

We are striving to take the Solar Decathlon

one step further.

Abstract picture of trees composed of interlacing colored triangles
Kyle Macht, Team Leader and Jeff Rayl, Electrical & PV PM, investigating different alternatives for our PV selection
Brian Goodykoontz, Construction Manager, wants YOU to join Natural Fusion.
Core Members. Left to Right: Kanis Glaewketgarn, Joelle Buczynski, Kyle Macht, Julianne Hagarty, Jeff Rayl, Gretchen Miller, David Hull, and Jeffrey Brownson (Faculty Advisor)
Core Members. eft to Right: Jeff Rayl, Sarah Klinetob, Jim Gawthrop, Gretchen Miller, Joelle Buczynski, RAM, Julianne Hagarty, and David Hull

A Solar Powered Home!

When looking at the world, the Sun is the driving force behind all forms of life and energy, to both humans and nature. For us, both types of interaction with the Sun are ‘natural’, so why not have the development of a home be a part of it, too?

Shelter is a basic requirement of sustaining life, and today people spend a great deal of their time inside. Design of this space is beyond just making four walls and a roof - it is creatively establishing livability and adaptability within form. However a home does not stand by itself; the landscape surrounding the exterior must be involved.

“Last time, we attracted so many birds and butterflies [in our gardens], that people actually asked us if we hired them.”